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I am a full stack .net developer with 5 years of experience in front-end and back-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Jquery, Angular, Typescript, Bootstrap, C#, MSSQL and Mongodb. I have done Btech Computer engineering from Sigma Institute of Engineering & Technology that comes under GTU (Gujarat Technological University). I have worked on web applications, Web APIs, Windows Forms, Web Forms, Tray applications and corporate websites. Programming is my hobby and I have starting writing blog to provide a platform for those who want to grow their careers as a fullstack .NET developers.

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Lesson 1 - Basics of Web Development

To be a full stack .NET developer, one must be aware of the front end and back end technologies. This lesson is about the basics of web development that gives an introduction about web application along with the full stack technologies used to develop it. Learn basics and take a step ahead to develop a web app.

What is a Web Application?

In simple terms, a web application is a program that is accessed through web browsers. You can access them through your browsers. For Example facebook.com, amazon.com, udemy.com

Components of a Web Application

The web application consists of 3 components: Client (Web browser), Application Server, and Database Server.
  1. Client (Web browser)

    A client in a web application means an interface through which the user will get to access all the functionalities of a web application. For example: If you visit a web application like udemy.com, you can access the tutorials through the interface that opens up while you visit udemy.com in your browser.

    Which technologies/techniques you have to know to make this interface?

    HTML (We will use HTML5), CSS (We will be using CSS3), Jquery, razor view (As our web application will be in MVC), domain mapping, and HTTP/HTTPs protocol. (Please don't worry about any terminologies here because we are going to explore each of them in further lessons. This is just an introduction). HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, etc are the front end technologies used for web development.
  2. Application Server

    The application server is nothing but a server machine on which the entire logic i.e the program which you have built is deployed.

    Which technologies/techniques you have to know to build this program and deploy it in the server?

    c#, MVC architecture, OOP programming concept, design patterns, IIS web server, and deployment
  3. Database Server

    A database server is a server machine where our database is deployed.

    Which technologies/techniques you have to know to create a database and deploy it?

    MSSQL Server (Tables, Views/StoredProcedures/Tables/Triggers etc), Connection String, its components and deployment
C# and MSSQL are the back end technologies in terms of web development.

We will be creating a web application and go through each of the components. We would make an interface, program, and database for that web application and we will deploy it in further lessons.

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